Has your Global Talent Visa endorsement application been unsuccessful?
Don't lose hope... now you can get the help you need to appeal and ask Tech Nation to reconsider your application!
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My Membership Area includes:
  • Appeals Webinar Presentation: This will explain the appeals process and application, whether or not you should appeal and how to appeal, if you decide you want to.
  • ​Assessor Feedback Examples: With at least 20 examples of real life feedback from the Assessors of Tech Nation, this will help to prevent you from getting the same feedback. (If you receive feedback from the Assessor, it means your application is unsuccessful!)
  • 11 Things to Avoid and Consider: 11 things that may have affected the success of your application and therefore need to be considered.
  • Suggested Appeal Wording: My suggested wording template will help you with how to structure your appeal, helping to improve your chance of being reconsidered.

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Get answers to any questions you may have about the assessor's feedback. 

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