Here's a special message for everybody who would like to apply for the UK's Tech Visa...
Here's a special message for everybody who would like to apply for the UK's Tech Visa...
Do you want To Move To The UK to start your own Digital / Tech Company?
Do you want To Move To The UK to start your own Digital / Tech Company?
Give me just 5 minutes of your time so I can show you how this is possible.
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There are only 400 Tech Visa applications approved each year…
There are only 400 Tech Visa applications approved each year…
And each application must be endorsed to be considered for approval…
The first step on the journey to getting a Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa is to gain endorsement from Tech Nation… Not an easy task!
But made a lot easier with “done for you” templates and notes that take all the stress and hassle out of the application!  

These Templates Will...

Help You To STOP WORRYING About The Application Process And just Focus On Getting Your Application Ready And Sent Off As Quickly As Possible!

Giving The Exact Formula...

To Effortlessly Write A Top Quality Personal Statement That Sells You, To Tech Nation, Allowing Them To Support You As An Ideal Candidate For Endorsement.

Detailing Exactly How...

To Get The Best Letters Of Recommendation Possible, That Are Exactly What Tech Nation Is Looking For

Ensuring Your Application...

Avoids The Big Mistakes Made By Many Applicants, That Result In Tech Nation Saying No And Not Endorsing Your Visa Application!

"Incredibly useful and helpful"

Thank you for the templates Michelle! These are incredibly useful and helpful and saved me time in writing it myself. I was able to focus on my application and spend more time gathering my documents. Much appreciated!

Aparna | Entrepreneur, India
Here's what you will receive:
  •  "Done for you" templates: Laid out in MS Word and PDF documents so you can simply “fill in the blanks”. These are the same templates Michelle has used to help countless people apply for endorsement and start on their journey to come to the UK.
  •  Full explainer videos: You will be able to watch Michelle as she goes through each template explaining exactly what you need to include in your application for endorsement. 
  • Template Notes: That explain and list out exactly what you need to be thinking about and know in order to fill out the templates as quickly and easily as possible!
  •  ** BONUS ** A detailed PDF including the best phrases and words which will help ensure your application for endorsement says all the right things, in the right way!
Frequently Asked Questions
Sitting On The Fence About It...? See If We Haven't Answered Your Question Already!
Q: Will this guarantee me to get a Visa?
A: No, unfortunately as the decision for approval of the Visa lies with the Home Office, no one can guarantee you will be accepted. However, what these templates will do for you is ensure you present yourself in the right way for the best chance of receiving your endorsement from Tech Nation – which is required for your Visa application (and also often the main part of the process where people fail)
Q: Will I still need to speak to a solicitor?
A: Not necessarily, you could go through the whole application on your own. 
Q: Can you recommend a solicitor?
A: Yes, absolutely! Get in touch with me for recommendations.
Q: Can I not just apply myself without your templates?
A: Of course you can, these templates are simply there to make the whole process easier, quicker and give you the best chance of being accepted as a suitable candidate for Tech Nation to endorse your application which is a requirement of the application process. How can we be so sure you will love the templates and they will be a godsend? Easy, Michelle has been a successful applicant for the visa herself so has been in your shoes and knows the process or more importantly what it takes to be approved… Oh and as a former Ambassador for Tech Nation, who better to guide you through this part of the process?
Q: Are your templates updated to reflect the 6th July 2018 changes?
A: Yes, they are updated to reflect the changes. The changes are minor and they include:
1. Rebrand from Tech City UK to Tech Nation.
2. New fast track options; and
3. the requirement to have 12 months proof of qualifications has been lifted.
These templates while approved by a UK Immigration solicitor, are to be used as a guide only and are not endorsed by the Home Office or Tech Nation UK.

These templates do not guarantee endorsement by Tech Nation UK and we advise seeking the advice of a UK lawyer specialising in UK visas.

"I’ll be forever grateful!"

“I’m writing to tell you some amazing news! I just got the endorsement! :0) Very happy about it!
I appreciate all the help and thank you for all the very valuable info you gave me, I’ll be forever grateful!”

Jonatas | Digital Designer | Brazil 

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